Handling High Risk Asbestos Removal
In-situ Asbestos Encapsulation & Treatment
Lead Dust Abatement
Certified Mould Remediation
Contaminated Soil Remediation
Light Demolition & Strip outs

About Us

While laws and regulations governing building safety continue to improve, many buildings still pose serious health risks – from asbestos exposure and lead paint and lead dust poisoning to poor indoor air quality from mould or biological contaminants.

At ARP our mission is to make your commercial, industrial or residential building - whether it’s in Sydney or anywhere around NSW - a safer, healthier place to live and work.

ARP’s senior management team bring over 25 years combined experience in dealing with vari-ous aspects of removal and treatment of hazardous materials in buildings, structures and land.

Our management team’s expertise includes:

  • Practical, hands on hazardous materials removal.
  • In-situ treatment and high level project supervision of asbestos removal projects.
  • High profile commercial, industrial and government projects.
  • Occupational hygiene, safety and environmental project management.

This experience means that we can handle any project of any size with innovative solutions and in full compliance with applicable legislation.

Your Assurance of Quality & Risk Reduction

We achieve results through the highest level of care and service, and maintain an unwavering commitment to delivering quality outcomes that exceed your expectations.

With ARP you’re assured of:

  • Free Telephone Consultation for projects of any size.
  • Competitive quotes.
  • Licensed by WorkCover NSW & Fully Experienced Project Team.
  • Open, direct and honest communication.
  • Urgent Response Service to anywhere within NSW.
  • Proven track record of delivering high quality outcomes.
  • Commitment to operate within all applicable legislation.
  • Work carried out within our quality, safety & environmental management systems (currently preparing for certification).

ARP’s employees have completed the following training:

  • WorkCover NSW/VETAB Accredited training in Occupational Health and Safety (General In-duction Training for Construction Work).
  • Asbestos removal training (friable & bonded)
  • In house training by Safety & Occupational Hygienist on ARP requirements for working with asbestos, lead & mould, and ongoing briefing on project by project basis.
  • Site induction on every project in accordance with ARP’s Work Management Plan System, as well as clients’ work permits or specifications.
  • Health surveillance program implemented for our employees.

Licenses & Membership

NSW WorkCover AS-A Friable Asbestos Removal License (210282ASA) - Please note, this license is suitable to remove all types of friable and bonded asbestos.


  • Workers’ Compensation – statutory Limit
  • Public Liability (including asbestos liability) - $20,000,000

WorkCover NSW Notifications and Permits

Workcover NSW must be notified at least 7 days prior to the removal of asbestos.

A WorkCover NSW permit must be obtained and displayed on site prior to commencing any friable asbestos removal.