Handling High Risk Asbestos Removal
In-situ Asbestos Encapsulation & Treatment
Lead Dust Abatement
Certified Mould Remediation
Contaminated Soil Remediation
Light Demolition & Strip outs

Soil Remediation

Contaminated land? Expert Soil Recycling, Sampling and Remediation

ARP provide expert soil remediation services – including soil sampling and contaminated land remediation – to improve soil condition on residential, commercial and industrial sites.

Your project is undertaken by professional, experienced personnel capable of delivering a range of cost-effective solutions, including:

  • Soil segregation, soil sampling and classification.
  • Soil cleaning and transportation
  • Soil recycling, reuse and disposal.
  • Contaminated land Remediation
  • Asbestos in soil management

Contaminated land Reuse and Soil Recycling

Our processes ensure your project is completed efficiently, and that costs are kept to a mini-mum. Employing industry best practice ensures:
Minimum waste is sent to offsite landfills.

Maximimum amount of material is reused or recycled onsite.

Soil recycling and reuse is achieved using on site soil sampling, screening, separation and treatment methods. Where soils cannot be reused or recycled onsite, other technologies are employed to reduce their waste classification and the subsequent cost of offsite disposal.

Wherever possible, ARP offer innovative, alternative solutions (to traditional Total Waste Man-agement) that can save you money and time.