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Lead Paint & Dust Abatement

Lead Paint Removal and Lead Dust Abatement Services

Our lead dust abatement and Lead Paint Removal services are carried out using specific techniques that:

  • Reduce the amount of time spent on the removal.
  • Reduce the level of airborne lead contamination.
  • Reduce handling of hazardous lead.
  • Achieve clearance levels with less time and less cost.

ARP’s project teams are experienced in lead paint removal procedures as stipulated in Austral-ian Standard AS 4361.2 Guide to Lead Paint Management; Part 2 Residential and Commercial Buildings and AS 4361.1 for industrial applications.

ARP is also well experienced in the removal of lead dust and lead hazard management from ceiling spaces, cavities and other surfaces.

Our Process in Lead Abatement and Lead Removal Services

  • Lead-based paint and lead dust identification in an Occupational Hygienist’s report.
  • Development of project specifications and scope of work plans for lead paint and dust re-moval and remediation.
  • Consultation with stake-holders.
  • Development of Health & Safety Plan and safe work method statement.
  • Pre-work lead blood testing of workers.
  • Establishing enclosures and decontamination units where required by the removal and de-pendent upon the risks of contamination.
  • Atmospheric monitoring of lead dust by occupational hygienist during the works.
  • Clearance testing of lead dust by an Occupational Hygienist.
  • Site hand-over.

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